Strategic location

Cosmos is based in port La Guaira in Vargas state, Venezuela.

Together with trade and logistic partners including those with privately owned bonded warehouse we place ourselves in a unique strategic position in some of the most important ports of Venezuela

our services


Let us help organizing shipments on your behalf to get goods from your business, manufacturer or producer to a market, customer or final point of distribution

door to door

Should you need a partner to deliver goods from anywhere in Lantinamerica to your client’s door footstep we are here to help


You may need to store goods and shipments perhaps just for a couple of day, maybe for a week or two, either way we have partnered with secure warehouse to keep you goods safe overnight

our expertise

Fast delivery

We trully understand fast and timely deliveries are key to sustaint your customer expereince goals and at Cosmos we focus at delivering in an effective way which translates into flash deliveries.

item inspection

Costumes & border controls are tough however we count with more than 20 years of experience and we know what to do to get your products through to your destination.

boxing service

If boxing is not your thing we can help, just let us know if this is of your interest.


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